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Get the most value out of your exiting hardware

Formulate a secure and safe retirement plan for your IT hardware.

Uncover and Maximize Value in Retired Data Center IT Assets


Wondering if your decommissioned assets have value? Atlantix will assess your data center equipment and put together a plan to earn the best possible return on your investment.


The goal of our valuation processes is to provide transparency and help you achieve the highest value for your assets, through our managed, streamlined program that makes gaining the return on your investment simple and within your IT budget.


With Atlantix valuation process offers:





Maximized value


Inventory audit


Portfolio analysis


Direct buy-out, trade, consignment


Atlantix's end-of-life IT asset services bring peace of mind with a systematic step-by-step process that secures data and eliminates risks.

Our inventory audits, portfolio analysis, direct buy-out, trade-in/trade-up, and consignment help maximize value.

Know your Assets True Value


We handle a wide variety of equipment across all IT classes, including servers, networking equipment, storage and hard drives, laptops and desktops, IP phones, and more.


Inventory Audit


We assess your assets to find value-added opportunities. We'll undertake an inventory and audit down to the component level and submit our findings, so You leave no stone unturned and lose no money.


Our product specialists review your equipment and offer market information to maximize your investment.


Atlantix has a team of experts who can easily appraise and remarket your equipment. And before documenting the bill of lading, we verify the make, model, and serial number. Our onsite asset inventory audit verifies the physical and financial inventories.


Portfolio Analysis


Our service delivers complete transparency of fair market values (FMV), so we can make informed decisions together. Our valuations are based on market intelligence, where we use actual transaction data to ensure our valuations are the most accurate.


This transparency displays the genuine value you receive from Atlantix. We provide insight into:


  • FMV versus net book value
  • FMV versus OEM trade-in offers
  • Residual valuations for lease portfolios
  • Property tax checks and balances
  • M&A planning
  • Asset recovery analysis

Learn more about how Atlantix can help you in this information sheet.