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Smooth and secure decommissioning of your data center hardware

IT asset decommissioning strategy tailored to your needs.

Sail through your De-installation, Transportation, Logistics and more


Accomplish your data center ITAD project without putting effort into decommissioning and moving your equipment. You can depend on us to handle all the logistics and make the process simple and painless for you.


Why pay your in-house experts a premium price to de-install hardware when they could be working on strategic initiatives for your organization?

With more than 65 certified decommission engineers, we offer onsite services tailored to your needs. This includes technical de-installation services at your facilities for all types of IT assets, from the data center to desktop equipment.

Atlantix decommissioning process offers:


Planning and logistics handled


Over 65 certified experts


Secure & trackable chain of custody


Off-site warehousing


Supply-chain management


Complete reporting


Our team will make sure to provide solutions that are made just for your unique needs.

Our technicians have been trained by the manufacturers to do the de-installation and keep track of the chain of custody.


We design and plan your decommissioning process and take care of every step of your project management.

We can help you with every data centre decommission service you need, no matter where you are located. This includes de-installation, packing, off-site storage, and logistics.

Know your Assets True Value


We handle a wide variety of equipment across all IT classes, including servers, networking equipment, storage and hard drives, laptops and desktops, IP phones, and more.


Reverse Logistics


Atlantix works with a global network of logistics providers to customize solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. Solutions range from simple LTL to more complex secure transports for sensitive data storage devices.


With our secure logistics, we manage a national network of cargo vans, box trucks, and tractor trailers to provide our clients with the industry's most affordable pickup and transportation services. We assist with every phase during the logistics process, from technical de-installation to final delivery to a secure processing facility.




Atlantix has the most advanced information systems in the industry. Our services focus on giving you complete visibility of your IT assets and customizing reports to meet your needs.


Best-in-class system for reporting:
  • Transparency – Visibility 24/7
  • Full accountability and tracking
  • Real-time access and revenue forecasting
  • Minimize risk – Downstream reporting


Supply chain management/reverse logistics:
  • Receiving
  • Physical Count/Inventory/Component explosion
  • Location ID in a secure warehouse
  • Real-time asset status report

Learn more about how the Atlantix valuation process can help you in the ITAD journey.