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Atlantix Solutions

Atlantix Global Systems (AGS) is the global leader in delivering quality solutions to customers in nearly every country for more than 39 years. Whether buying or selling, we are a market leader and a recognized force in the industry for our product quality and environmental responsibility. In addition to the products we sell, we can provide an entire package of services to our customers such as our maintenance plan, MindSafe.

Our technology labs include an investment of over $4 million in test equipment so our engineers can deliver equipment that performs to the levels you expect.

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Expedited Processing and Delivery Expedited Processing and Delivery Long shipping times are a thing of the past.
Atlantix advanced shipping methods ensure that the product you buy gets to you as fast as possible.
Certified Professionals Certified Professionals

Consistent Quality that only experience can provide.
Behind every one of our items sold is a team of over 40 certified engineers constantly ensuring only the highest product quality.
Product Guarantee Product Guarantee

Quality without exception.
When you buy from Atlantix, you get all of the savings without compromising price, quality or availability.