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Product Quality Checklist   
   Product Quality Checklist

Atlantix tests and inspects all products to deliver the highest quality in the business.

Every piece of equipment must go through our 30 point quality checklist.

  • Inspect and clean internal components such as motherboard, memory, cpu and peripheral devices.
  • Power-on self test of all internal devices
  • Test power supply
  • Test fan assembly
  • Test memory
  • Test power on/off switch
  • Test indicator lights
  • Perform manufacture diagnostic utility and test up to layer 7
  • Test ports and transfer data.
  • Make sure noise level is accurate
  • Remove and clean interface cards
  • Test interface cards
  • Test functionality of empty memory and I/O slots
  • Inspect and disassemble chassis if necessary
  • Inspect interface cards for bent pins or cosmetic damages
  • Record all memory and storage specifications - Flash, DRAM, NVRAM, Disk drives
  • Remove and clean memory
  • Examine firmware version
  • Examine software versions
  • Reassemble, boot and stress test unit
  • Add additional accessories needed to complete the machine
  • Record unit serial number and test results
  • Perform bar code auditing to check the order matches the equipment sold
  • Add power cords specific to customer's facility or world location
  • Pack small parts in anti-static bags
  • Clean chassis and paint if necessary
  • Compare packing slip with customer order for accuracy
  • Custom pack all components with fitted foam
  • Notify customer via email with the shipment tracking information
  • Generate feedback survey