Avoid Incredibly Costly Data Breaches

Average Cost of Data Breach in United StatesAccording to research done by IBM and the Ponemon Institute, the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $8.19 million. 

If an $8.19 million loss isn’t enough for you, think of the other ways you will likely be affected:

  • Time and resources fixing causes of breach and implementing new initiatives
  • Lawsuits or other legal implications
  • Loss of business / customers
  • Damaged reputation and need to repair it

Even for the largest companies and organizations the costs can be frightening. What is also frightening is that many companies are open to risks of data breach and don’t know it.


A substantial number of data breaches have occurred from companies and other organizations improperly disposing of their IT assets and equipment.

Most times people make the association between data breaches and cybersecurity.  While data breaches occur from cybersecurity vulnerabilities, many data breaches occur in other ways.People often overlook the data that resides on their IT hardware. When it’s time to dispose of that IT hardware, there is right way and a wrong way. It can be helpful to have an expert partner who specializes in secure IT asset disposition. 

Ensure 100% Data Security with the Right IT Asset Disposition

Proper management of your IT assets includes proper IT asset disposition and disposal.  When it’s time to move on from your existing IT equipment, there’s a lot to consider.  

Are You in Full Compliance?

There are several government regulations and laws dealing with proper IT asset disposal that touch on data security and the environment.

Will improper management or disposal of your IT hardware make you a victim of a data breach?

The costs and needless stress can take a huge toll. Don’t be the next victim in the headlines

Secure Data Destruction & IT Asset Disposition Solutions

We have the resources, expertise, and global reach to provide safe, secure ITAD services that make your life a whole lot simpler.

Atlantix Global can provide a safe, secure IT asset disposition solution that provides 100% data security no matter what your needs may be:

•  IT Hardware Refresh Cycles
• Cloud Migrations
• Data Center Decommissioning
• Periodic Hardware Replacement

Learn more about creating a 100% secure IT asset disposition solution. Our team can help.

Recognized by Gartner: Market Guide for IT Asset DispositionRecognized by Gartner

Atlantix Global’s ITAD program was recognized by Gartner in their Market Guide for IT Asset Disposition. Gartner’s latest evaluation of the market validates our position as a leading ITAD vendor with the ability to refurbish, replace and remarket your IT equipment for the highest possible value.

To get started on your product evaluation for your next project, contact us today and get simple, reliable ITAD solutions that make your job easier.