How to Recover Value from Your Extra IT Equipment

  • Mar 20, 2019
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How to Recover Value from Your Extra IT Equipment

Whether your organization is big or small, we’ve all been in this situation. You upgraded your technology infrastructure and are left to retire your leftovers. You don’t have room to store the bulky equipment and really – where’s the value in that?

Now you’re asking yourself, “What is the best way to dispose of my old IT equipment?” There are ways to simplify the process and maximize value on any surplus, decommissioned, and existing IT hardware.

It's just a matter of knowing the necessary steps. Here are some helpful hints on recovering value when you retire IT assets.

Receive a fair market valuation

The first step in the valuation of your equipment is an inventory audit. When looking for value in IT equipment, make sure each asset is evaluated in order to determine whether it is remarketable or recommended for responsible disposal. This will help you get the most accurate, fair valuation of your assets and provide a plan of action for getting the maximum value back.

Find a vendor who provides complete transparency in terms of fair market value (FMV). Together, you will be able to decide the best course of action for your equipment and the value of your assets.  

It's all in the logistics

Once the plan for your retired assets is in place, it’s time to decommission your equipment. From de-installation to packing and shipping your equipment, there are a lot of moving parts to account for.

For projects like these, it is important to work with a manufacturer-trained team who can provide insight on the necessary equipment needed to securely transport your assets.

Your technology partner should make this step simple by managing the process from start to finish. It is vital to ensure a secure chain of custody and full transparency of your assets with reports that meet your specific needs.

If you can't get these services from your current partner it's time to find one that can simplify the logistics for you. It will pay dividends in time saved and value maximized.

Securing your data

A top priority in the process of decommissioning assets is keeping your data safe and avoiding a security breach. This is a critical step for your equipment whether it has been recommended for remarketing or marked for disposal.

To ensure your data is safe, your partner needs to provide data sanitization and destruction services either on-site at their facility or at your location. In this step, they must evaluate your equipment and determine the best course of action to keep your proprietary information secure:

  • Data erasure: When your assets are in good condition and considered for reuse or remarketing.

  • Degaussing: For those with smaller batches of hardware, such as a batch of hard drives.

  • Shredding: If your equipment is obsolete and not in line for reuse

Ensure their data security solutions meet DoD and NIST standards, and that they provide certificates of data destruction and full reports.

Finding the best value

Once your technology hardware has been evaluated, there are several ways to get value back from your retired assets. Equipment found to be in good condition can be bought back through cash, credit or trade-in options depending on your technology partner.

If your equipment is remarketable, it can be refurbished and tested so that it is ready for reuse. In each scenario, the goal is to provide maximum value to you.

They're your assets, it's up to you to make sure you get the highest value for them.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.