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Spirent Tested Atlantix

 Spirent | Atlantix Global Systems

 Protecting You and Your Investment.

    At Atlantix we test with Spirent to ensure that your equipment performs at 
 the highest quality. Spirent’s lab test solutions are used to evaluate performance of the latest 

 Why We Choose Spirent:

 Spirent is the expert on next generation communication networks, devices and applications.

HP Networking
HP Proliant

1G Interfaces
10G Interfaces
L2 and L3 Testing


 Networking Equipment: 

    Validating the performance and reliability of the component protocols and functions 
 discretely is not a valid predictor of behavior in the production network. Spirent TestCenter 
 helps you cut through the fog of symptoms and metrics to isolate root causes by recreating 
 the full complexity of the production environment with realism and the ability to scale in 
 the ways your network does.

 Spirent Helps With:

    Maintaining product quality standards by thoroughly inspecting throughput, latency and real-world data handling. 

Learn more about protecting your investment.