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IT Maintenance

and configuration choices observable in today’s IT environment the conventional “one size fits all” service contract can easily become the one size fits none plan. This almost always leaves manufacturer support contracts lacking what is truly required, flexibility. With MindSafe maintenance you get just what you need, a level of support as diverse as your technology portfolio, and as responsive as the technician who forgoes weekends. 
    Specifically tailored to each client’s situation, the level of the support will always match what is appropriate to the customer delivering the highest value to the customer at all times.
In addition to a well suited support plan, the savings aren’t bad either! saving up to 70  percent over the default manufacturer’s warranty can curb costs on an annual IT budget enough to reduce operational costs up to 20 percent annually.
Beauty is in the details
    By using MindSafe maintenance you can expect to regain your piece of mind, dramatically reduce your downtime, and effectively consolidate the time spent on maintaining your IT environment, all while substantially reducing your operating costs.  
The late Night Call
    It’s Saturday evening, you have just sat down to dinner and you’re finally beginning to settle into the weekend, then you hear the phone and you already know it’s the office. It seems that the servers which can never go down, have just done so, and you are the man of the hour. Calamity seems to come knocking at everyone’s doors eventually and when it does it is important to be prepared for every eventuality.
    There are however, many different things to consider, backup and recovery methods, hardware fail over and redundancy, and
the support necessary throughout the process. It has been said that through diversity comes strength, and that holds true more
so then ever in today’s technological environment. To support
such a diversified infrastructure a comprehensive solution capable of providing additional support as well as complimenting the
existing precautions is essential. 
Take back the weekends, get back 20 percent of your IT budget
    Because just over half of the average IT budget is spent annually on maintenance of existing hardware and infrastructure, Atlantix has come up with what we believe to be the solution. With so many different manufacturers,software solutions, 

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