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Bridge equipment can be a cost-effective solution when experiencing a data center move or migration project. In the past, the process of renting, replicating, and testing data centers was considered too expensive to be an effective solution. Now with the emergence of large resellers such as Atlantix, the option to employ “Bridge Equipment” services allows companies the opportunity to cut costs, avoid downtime and ensure a smooth data center transition.

Whether you are transitioning between physical locations or from a physical to virtual infrastructure, it is the perfect time to greatly reduce unnecessary complexity and inefficient resource usage. With our team of experts we provide a three step process which not only assists and expedites your move but will also offer high level best practices during implementation as your applications and data are transitioned.

We offer a variety of onsite services specific to our customer’s needs .We provide hardware de-installation services at our customer's facilities for all types of IT assets, from data center to desktop equipment. A team will cater to your needs and provide customized solutions for each of your unique requirements. Professionally trained, background-checked and drug-tested employees are utilized to perform the de-installation services to ensure a secure chain-of-custody.

Technology Asset Recovery Services ("TARS") are programs designed for companies that want to maximize the Return on Investment of their excess or obsolete equipment, while mitigating compliance risks associated with these assets. Atlantix Global Systems (AGS) offers two types of Technology Asset Recovery Services, which are available separately or in combination: Equipment Consignment and Current Value Realization.